Ain’t Like You to Hold Back or Hide from the Light

My rational, progressive friends and I all believe that we are seeking the light and walking toward it, if not in it.  We value knowledge.  We value truth.  And we are sincere.

The problem with light is that it not only points out the way, it also exposes us.  It’s not impossible to hide from someone, even ourselves, while in the light but it’s harder.  We all hide from the light sometimes.  There are things we don’t want to know.  There are things we don’t want to have to work on.  There are things we don’t want to admit.

When a relationship or a project or a dream goes bad and falls apart, it’s hard to admit that while it may not have been entirely our fault we did participate.  We did play a part in its demise.  When others blame the failure entirely on us it is easy to deny that it was our fault.  It wasn’t OUR fault, but sometimes it is our fault, and almost always we played at least a small part in it.

Some projects can be revised and revived and tried again.  Others are a one-shot deal.  Some dreams never had much of a chance from the beginning, but we can dream new dreams.  Some relationships are irreparable but if we are willing to work at it, most can be reconciled.  It’s just that reconciliation is not putting the relationship back where it was.  That can’t happen.  It has to be rebuilt and it will be different.  It could be far less satisfying than it once was.  It could also be much better, more solid and realistic, but it won’t be the same.

Nobody sings about broken relationships quite like Adele.  She’s not the first.  She may not even be the best.  But there is no denying that she does have her own way of getting right to the heart – her heart, our hearts.  In “Someone Like You” she remarks about her lost love  “ain’t like you to hold back or hide from the light”.  Apparently her previous experience of this person was one of honesty, at least about their relationship, but something fundamentally changed.

Sometimes we find relationships, love, and life to painful to look square in the eye and we hide.  We hide from strangers, from friends, from family, from ourselves.  We even try to hide from God.

Today’s reading is Hosea 6: 1-6.  This book about Hosea talking to his unfaithful wife, Gomer, but it’s really about God talking to the unfaithful people of Israel.  “Your love is like dew that goes away early.”  It’s real.  It’s refreshing, even nourishing.  But it doesn’t last.  It will probably come again, maybe even as soon as tomorrow.  But it doesn’t last.  What we find most often in life is what Adele found, “Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead.”

Who wants to be in a relationship with someone whose love is on again/off again?  God.

God love always lasts.  Even when our love fades or disappears, God’s love is still there as strong as ever.  Even when we are faithless, God remains faithful.  God is always eager to reconcile with us.  God even makes the first move to reconcile with us.  God never breaks up with us.

That doesn’t mean that being in a relationship with God is easy.  God is all about love.  God is also all about light and truth.  God will shine that light of truth on us and in us and even through us if we let him.  It’s worth it.  Don’t hold back from the light.


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I used to be Candi Vernon, but now I'm Candi Vernon Cubbage. I write, therefore I am a writer.
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