For Unto Us

We had the cutest baby in worship this morning.  She was visiting her grandparents who are members of our church.  She was just  few months old and hardly made a sound the whole time.  She reminded me of the little Lord Jesus – no crying he makes.

Today’s reading is Luke 2: 1-20.  The baby Jesus is born for us, and this shall be a sign unto you:  April Fools!  Don’t be silly.  We’re practically to Easter all ready.

Today’s reading actually is Mark 11: 1-10.  Jesus rides a bucking bronco into town.  Isn’t that what “a colt that had never been ridden” means?  I think so.  No, I’m not making this up.  Look it up.

That would have been some parade to watch with a man riding an unbroken colt down the street while people shouted “Hosanna!”  If you’ve ever been to a rodeo you know that you really don’t want to be in the path of an unbroken colt.  Just saying.

It did remind me of a great old song by Jimi Goodwin, Jez Williams, and Andy Williams called “Someday Soon.”  “My parents cannot stand him ’cause he rides the rodeo.  My father says that he will leave me crying.  I will follow him right down the roughest road I know.  Someday soon, going with him, someday soon.”

I can almost hear someone’s father telling her that she should get herself home and leave that crazy guy alone.  He’ll only break your heart.  But there she was, determined to follow him right down the roughest rough she knew – even if it led to Calvary.  And someday, someday soon, she would go with him.  That’s the kind of dedication that the women who stayed with him at Calvary had.

But I’m getting ahead of the story.




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