What Not to Wear

I had a love/hate relationship with the TV show What Not to Wear. On the one hand I really liked getting to see women transformed into people with confidence and who felt so much better about the way they looked. But on the other hand, I really didn’t like the way in which the consultants scrutinized the women in the beginning of each episode while the women stood in a closet of shame surrounded on all sides by mirrors. I refuse to believe that’s really necessary.

HOWEVER this post is not about whether or not you are going to the grocery store dressed in sweats and frankly I have no problem with that. This is about what to wear to the wedding of Candi and Brian on Saturday, June 28, 5:00 pm, Douglas Boulevard Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky. As far as I’m concerned you can wear pretty much whatever you want. We won’t have a STRICT “No shirt, No shoes, No service” policy. You will be in an actual worship service in a sanctuary though, so dress like it’s Sunday morning. Or wear cocktail clothes. Or formal attire. It’s really up to you. We don’t have specific wedding colors but the wedding party, which consists of me, Brian, and his son, Brendan, will be wearing fairly dressy clothes with touches of purple here and there. The purple is in honor of my Mother who died last year. Feel free to wear purple or any other color.

When we decided not to have any attendants for the ceremony I forgot that the primary reason for having bridesmaids is to dress them up in hideous outfits they will never, ever wear again to make the BRIDE look that much better in comparison. So if you would like to be an honorary bridesmaid/groomsman, please dress in a hideous outfit and then be sure to have your photo made standing next to me.

No seriously, dress to be comfortable. The ceremony in the sanctuary will last about an hour. It is a full service of worship. Then we will move to the Family Center for an informal time of frivolity. So if you want to really dress up for the service and then bring something more relaxed for the reception, go ahead. You can change in the bathroom. At least bring some comfortable shoes, or better yet, slippers, so your feet feel good.

And if you want to wear a costume for your talent show act, that would be great too! Tiaras and boas are particularly encouraged. Capes welcomed.

And just a hint of things to expect at the reception: Wands will be provided.


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