The Day After

Yes, I know Easter was yesterday. I just did not have the time or energy to write the last of my Lenten devotions. Both Saturday and Sunday were chock full of worship and family, and yes, naps. We had a very full weekend. Full in a good way.

For weeks I have lived Psalm 42:2, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God?”

When indeed? When shall I behold God’s face and feel God’s presence? When shall I even begin to see through a glass dimly, much less clearly? So many things in my life have been in turmoil, in confusion, and surrounded by fear of the unknown.

But this weekend was when. On Saturday I experienced both the sacraments. My stepson was baptized and the entire congregation was invited to remember our own baptism and renew our baptismal promises. And then after the baptisms I was served communion by that same child who had just made some very adult promises and who was still literally dripping with the waters of his baptism. It was powerful.

Easter morning we headed to worship with a congregation who, though we have known each other a very short time, have embraced us as family. We left our burdens in a cloud of smoke and we sang about the power of the risen Christ. And when worship was over and we all came back inside to the give each other Easter wishes and blessings (and eat receive bags of Easter candy) it began to rain.

My soul has been so thirsty, but the rain was a literal in-my-face reminder that God quenches thirst. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I see the future clearly, but I am renewed and confident there is a future and I won’t be facing it alone. I am surrounded first by the power of the Holy Spirit and second by the love of family and friends (though it is often hard to distinguish the two, so why bother?)

I have beheld the face of God in love for and from the people around me. I have a better understanding of some things from the past that it is time for me to “unbind and let go”. Once again, I am starting over.

He is risen indeed!


About candivernon

I used to be Candi Vernon, but now I'm Candi Vernon Cubbage. I write, therefore I am a writer.
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One Response to The Day After

  1. Clare says:

    Wonderful reflection. I’m so glad you are expressing your faith and your writing skill in this way. When I retire, I need a blog.

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