Candi Vernon’s legal name is currently Candasu Vernon. She has no middle name. Soon she will marry Brian Cubbage whose legal name is Norman Cubbage. His middle name is Brian. After the wedding she will change her name to Candi Cubbage because, seriously, who could resist being called Candi Cubbage?

Candi is currently looking for employment. In the past she has been a secretary at an insurance agency, a production control clerk in a factory that manufactures parts for drilling rigs, a data entry/check depositor specialist for the IRS (yes, that IRS), an assistant editor at Texas Monthly Press (book publishing arm for Texas Monthly Magazine), a public speaker/intake conductor/group facilitator at The WARM Place (which provides grief support for children age 3-18 and their families), and Pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA). As Pastor she has experience in writing (sermons, articles, curriculum), public speaking, teaching all ages, preaching, organizing, motivating, interpreting, planning, supervising, budgeting, fund raising, drama (on and off stage), crisis intervention, counseling, funerals, and weddings. In addition she can sew, paint (walls, scenery, and pictures), cook and bake. If you know of a job in the Louisville, KY, area that requires any or all of these skills, please contact me.

She loves movies, books, music, theater, the beach, snow, singing, dancing, learning new things, traveling, and decorating.

And chocolate. She loves chocolate.


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