Candi and Brian are GETTING MARRIED


Saturday, January 18, 2014, Brian Cubbage looked Candi Vernon in the eye and asked, “Will you marry me?” She answered, “Yes!” This made Brian pretty much the happiest man on earth.

UPDATE: MARCH 14, 2014

The date has been set! Candi and Brian will get married at 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 28, Douglas Boulevard Christian Church, 2005 Douglas Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky 40205, with a potluck supper following in the Family Life Center.

We truly wish we could invite every single one of our friends and relatives no matter how distant, but unfortunately space in both the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall are somewhat limited. The good news is that we are planning to take this show on the road. Brian and I are hoping to have satellite receptions in Texas and Mississippi soon, hopefully this summer and fall.

Now brace yourself for some bad news, we may have to modify our plans to have Cherpumple as our wedding cake. So far the logistics of baking enough Cherpumple for the entire reception are getting in the way. Something tells me that I will not be able to spend the entire 48 hours leading up to the ceremony baking Cherpumple. I am trying to find a way to bake and freeze the layers in advance but so far my two attempts at this have been unsuccessful. I’m giving it a third shot. If this fails we will move on to Plan B or Plan C. At any rate, we are definitely planning to have the chocolate fountain and so there is that to look forward to.

We are also planning live entertainment for the reception. You! What started out as a fun bit of silliness on Facebook has turned into an inspired plan to have a talent show with all of you as the STARS! Not to be outdone by our guests, Brian and I are also planning at least one musical number ourselves. In the meantime, get out your guitars, banjos, and accordions and start putting your act together. I will also have my Karaoke machine available and you can sing to one of the available songs (a list of available Karaoke songs will appear on a separate page in this blog) or bring your own Karaoke CD. Lip-syncing is also a definite possibility, just bring your own CD. Dancing, puppetry, stand up, all types of acts are encouraged. Just remember we will be in a church building.

For those of you who will be traveling to Louisville for the weekend, I am including some information on things to do in the area (besides come to the wedding of the century). I will add to this list as I find or receive more information.  Click here

If you need a hotel room for the weekend check your favorite travel booking site (such as Travelocity or  Your best bet are hotels that are near the Louisville Airport/The Expo.  These are within five miles of Douglas Boulevard Christian Church, 2005 Douglas Blvd, Louisville, KY, 40205, where the ceremony and reception will both be held.  (However I don’t recommend the Best Western Airport/Expo.  There are reasons it is cheaper.)
No dates have been set yet. We will keep you up to date. Watch this space for additional information. We will also announce updates to this page on our Facebook pages. So far, we know we will be married in Louisville, KY, and that the reception will feature Cherpumple. Check it out and watch the video.

I actually baked a Cherpumple and it was great!




18 Responses to Candi and Brian are GETTING MARRIED

  1. Carol Nunnelley says:

    Congratulations! Thrilled for you both

  2. Sallie Watson says:

    Wooooo-HOOOOO!!! Congratulations, you crazy kids!

  3. Kathi Vernon Crump says:

    Congratulations! What wonderful news for you two. Wishing you lots of happiness, fun & love!

  4. Lynn Nelson says:

    Wishing you both EVERY happiness!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bozeman56 says:


  6. Awesome!!!!

    Oh, and getting married sounds cool too!

    Love you both!!!

  7. Awesome!!!!

    Oh, and getting married is cool too!

    Love you two!

  8. Rev. Ann Rosewall says:

    Apparently SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since last we talked! I couldn’t be happier for you – you both look deleriously happy. Mazel Tov!

  9. Janet Roberta says:

    Congratulations Candi! So happy to read your story and wishing you both every happiness. A delightful real life fairytale!

  10. jesusamic says:

    YaAy! YaAy! YaAy! YaAy! Congratulations!

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