Wedding FAQ

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Remind me: When and where is this?

The wedding is at Douglass Boulevard Christian Church, 2005 Douglass Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40205, on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 5:00 pm. The reception is immediately afterwards in the Robsion Family Life Center, which adjoins the church.  There is plenty of free parking at the church.

May I bring a date/friend/it’s complicated?

Yes. However, please RSVP (the Bride’s email address is on your invitation) with the number in your party so that we set up enough tables and chairs.

May I bring my kid(s)?

Yes; kids of all ages are welcome to both the ceremony and the reception, but there will be no child care provided. Please RSVP (the Bride’s email address is on your invitation)with the total number in your party, inclusive of all children, so that we set up enough tables and chairs.

How should I dress?

On a scale of “shirts, shorts, and flip-flops” to “black tie,” with shorts being 1 and black tie being 10, we recommend wearing a “6” or higher. For men, this would be business casual (slacks, nice shirt, tie optional). For women, business casual also.
business casual
You may dress more formally if you like.   The Bride and Groom will be dressed at about the 8 level.  Him: suit and tie.  Her: fancy dress and hosiery.
For more information about dress, click here.
At the reception, costumes are welcome but not required.

Where are you registered?

Having you celebrate with us is all the gift we need. However, we are requesting donations to the Center for Women and Families in lieu of gifts. We also request that guests bring boxes of ready-to-eat cereal to the reception as they are able.

Boxes of ready-to-eat cereal? Why? And how many?

The cereal is not for us, but for the Center for Women and Families, because they do want cereal. Often women and families come to them with nothing whatsoever, and they need something they can feed them, immediately. Cereal fits the bill. For a full explanation of why cereal is so important to us, click here.
Please bring at least one box per family, but you may bring as many as you want.

So, what is this potluck bizness?

Our reception dinner will be served potluck style, meaning guests bring dishes to share. Meat and dessert will be provided. Guests are asked to bring any type of side dish or vegetarian entrée to share with at least six (6) others.
P.S. The bride is especially fond of deviled eggs.

If I am coming from out of town, how can I bring a dish?

Three blocks on your (likely) way to the church, there is a Kroger grocery store. For a Google map and directions, click here. Feel free to grab something from their deli that you like.
There is also a Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen nearby; for a Google map and directions, click here. Just sayin’.

Talent show? Whaaaaa????

Yes! We are having an open mic talent show at our reception. You are encouraged, but absolutely not required, to let your inner superstar shine! For more information on how to participate, click here.

May I text/tweet/Facebook/Instagram during the event?

During the wedding ceremony, we ask that all technology, including cell phones and smartphones, be silent.  We also ask that you take no photographs during the ceremony. You will, however, be strongly encouraged to take photos and use social media during the reception.

May I take photos during the event?

During the ceremony, we ask that guests not take photographs of any kind. However, you will be strongly encouraged to take and share photos during the reception.

May we drink alcohol? May we smoke?

Leave that flask at home! There is no alcohol allowed on church property. Also, all of DBCC’s (the church) buildings are nonsmoking.

I’m from out of town. Where do I stay?

We ask that out-of-town guests book their own accommodations. We do not have a single hotel booked for out-of-town guests. There are many convenient accommodations in Louisville. We personally recommend hotels near Louisville’s airport and Fair and Exposition Center, which has more options and is convenient to the church.

Where do I eat?

What do you like? Seriously, Louisville abounds in good dining, from casual all the way through to five-star fine dining.
While Louisville has locations for virtually every regional and national chain restaurant, some of our local favorites are:
Also, we suggest asking your hotel’s front desk or concierge for recommendations.


We’re bored! What is there to do in Louisville, Kentucky besides wedding?

Louisville is a city of around a million people, so there are plenty of attractions and activities ranging from the mundane to the adventurous. For a glimpse at Louisville’s many museums, parks, and other attractions and events, check out the Louisville Visitor’s Bureau site.

The following also come highly recommended:
The Bourbon Trail: The area around central Kentucky is bourbon country. Click here to learn more about Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.
Shopping on Bardstown Road: Bardstown Road, the road on which the church is located, has a lot of great boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and other entertainment (Hookah lounges, no not hooker, hookah). Located in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Bardstown Road is especially good for walking and shopping.
Movie theaters: Louisville has ample movie theaters. Click here for updated information on locations, current attractions, and showtimes.
Why Louisville: With two locations, Why Louisville is the city’s privately owned store for odd and curious souvenirs and gifts related to Possibility City. For the Achievers, little and not-so-little, in your family, Why Louisville is also rich in Lebowski Fest items, since Louisville was the birthplace of the mufti-location festival dedicated to the Coen Brothers movie. Come on down and abide. That’s not, like, just our opinion, man.

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